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Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia hold court conference

(17/12/2018 16:37)

The supreme courts of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia held the fifth court conference of border provinces to discuss crime prevention work and the settlement of trans-border civil cases.

Attending the event were Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam Nguyen Hoa Binh, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Cambodia Dith Munty, and Chief Justice of the Lao Supreme People’s Court Khamphanh Sithidampha.

They shared the view that since the first conference, held in Vietnam in 2010, cooperation in the settlement of civil and criminal cases among the three countries’ supreme and local courts has been strengthened, especially in border localities.

They agreed that all three courts will seek effective measures to improve their capacity, effectively deal with civil disputes, and combat transnational crimes.

The conference featured three sessions, focusing on the review of the implementation of the fourth conference’s joint statement held in Nha Trang in 2016, experience in dealing with trans-border crimes and support mechanisms in the field, and the settlement of trans-border civil cases.

In a joint statement issued at their fifth conference of border provinces’ courts which took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on December 14-15, they were unanimous that in the context of more complicated and unpredictable global developments such as terrorism and territorial disputes, cooperation among the three supreme courts and courts in the border localities has had an increasing role in maintaining regional security and stability.


Since the ASEAN Economic Community was set up, trade and investment among the three countries have been thriving. However, it has triggered several formidable challenges, including rising level of complexity and severity in criminal cases, and international trade conflicts.



Thus, it needs strong bonds among the three judicial bodies and the establishment of a coordinating board to address criminal cases, cross-border disputes in civil affairs and trade will have positive impact on the global integration process in each country.

The three supreme courts reached consensus on strategies and multilateral cooperation mechanisms. Accordingly, they will enhance experience exchange in trial of civil and criminal cases, as well as collaboration in the fight against trafficking of drugs, human and wildlife animals.

They reiterated that the collaboration will help promote traditional friendship, which is deemed as a key to stability and development of each nation.

Before attending the conference, Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam Nguyen Hoa Binh had a meeting with Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Cambodia Dith Munty.

The first and fourth conferences were held in Vietnam, while the second and the fifth were held in Cambodia, and the third in Laos. 

The sixth edition of its kind is due to take place in Laos.


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